Thursday, November 21, 2013

1st & 2nd Flatiron Loop

Woke up this morning to the first notable snow of the winter this morning and decided to hit up Chautauqua. Thought about going for Green, but I wasn't sure if my foot was ready for that kind of distance and vertical. I figured the 1st and 2nd Flatiron loop would be a good median. I haven't ran even a real hill in almost 3 months, so my legs felt as fresh as the snow on the ground. Snow was also nice because you can't go too fast on snowy/icy rock and it provides a good cushioning for the foot. I didn't push it too hard, I hiked and took pictures whenever I wanted. The run was awesome, I think this is actually the happiest I've ever been on run. It was just perfect. Would definitely recommend doing a snowy run like this to anyone who is interested. I'd say the pictures say why:

Looking up the first.

Icicles on the side of the first.

Base of the first


Rock with snowy (obviously)

The first from the trail up.

Top of the first from the top of the trail.

Top of first from the top of the trail.

Best view of the city I got, clouds were really thick.

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