Monday, December 30, 2013

Bear Peak Hike

Since the foot decided to take a step back in its healing, I was off for another walk up Bear. It's always good to hike this one since it's on the fringe of being "un-runnable". Made it up and down in about 2:10 which I was really pleased about, especially for walking (as fast as I could walk that is). Also gave me a chance to try out my new micro-spikes too! They worked really well in the hard packed steep snow, a little sketchy on rocks, but a life-saver on the descent.

Peculiar mixture of dry dirt and snow that makes up most of North ridge to the summit

View from the trail on the north ridge

Storms along the divide

Summit of Bear

King of the North!(-ern front range, Longs Peak)

New friend from Missoula abandoning me after we just met... 

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