Saturday, May 10, 2014

5/5 to 5/10

5/5, Monday, 1st & 2nd Flatirons, 2.5 miles, 1,500ft, 1:54
North Arete route on the 1st in 41:06 (which is quickly becoming my new favorite), then down climb the 2nd in 31:22. My strategy of wearing flip flops on approaches so I won't run is decidedly dead today, after I clicked off a 7:51 mile in the flip flops. Thinking about a pair of Lunas now!

It was exactly one year ago today I made my first run up Green Mountain (my first actual summit, unless you include being driven up Mt. Evans). I still see that day as a pivotal moment in my life as the day I discovered something I truly enjoy.

5/7, Wednesday, AM - Marshall Mesa Bike, PM - 2nd Flatiron Hike
Good adventures with friends today. Started off with a mountain bike ride. I feel very much competent on my own two feet, but to put it truthfully, I'm terrible at biking. Its mainly fast downhills that freak me out for some reason, probably based off of numerous bonks on skateboards during high school.

We headed up to Chautauqua after a bite to eat and I guided a quick tour up the 2nd Flatiron before an all out sprint back to the car whilst being pelted with hail. "Hail" of time.

Pretending to be good. Photo by Elliot
5/9, Friday - Mt. Sanitas Hike - 3.6 miles, 1,300ft, 1:31:43
Only done this once before, its an awesome easy hike with a summit view. Enjoyed the scenery and just escaped the afternoon showers with some friends.

5/10, Saturday - "Cinco de Caturday" 3.2 miles, 3,100ft, 2:53:58
To cap off a great week I did five flatiron climbs this morning. Started with the freeway on the second in 10:06 (had I known I was going that fast I would have pushed it to break 10!), followed by the First (PR of 26:34) with the diving coach to my high school swim team, then downclimbed the 2nd in 18:19 (surprised myself how fast I could do that), followed again by up the First (30:47) and back down the 2nd (22:37).

Top of climb #4 atop the First Flatiron
My semester goals had their time come to a close this week:
  • 30 Summits: 10 total (3 Bear Peak, 4 Green Mountain, 1 South Boulder Peak, 1 Flagstaff Mountain, 1 Sanitas)
  • Second Flatiron Freeway in under 25 min: 10:08
  • 1st Flatiron: Success
  • Winter 14er: Can't say I didn't try!
  • A few others that would be foolish to even mention considering injuries (7 days of Green, three 20-milers, etc.)
I suppose its time to chalk up some summer goals:

  • Pikes Peak Marathon: Not the actual race, but I'd like to treat it like one regardless
  • Cables on Longs: allegedly a 5.4, a direct line to the summit
  • Longs Peak Duathlon: Bike from Boulder, Climb Longs, Bike back
  • Pawnee-Buchanan Loop: Last year I didn't do the whole loop (26 miles), yet I ran ~28 miles because of parking at the wrong parking lot and a lost iPhone. This should be merely a formality.
  • Devils Thumb - Mt. Jasper - Mt. Neva Traverse: A wonderfully isolated route following a route of largely my own creation consisting of ~4 miles of scrambling and ~16 miles of running.
  • Ten Mile Traverse - 12ish summits in 10 miles full of scrambling and alpine meadows? Yes, please.
  • Sniktau to Grays - This fiendish route I based off of a hiking guidebook and added some more peaks. 8,000ft of vert over 12 miles at an average elevation of 13,000ft.
  • Arapahoe Traverse - I see it every day I go to class, its taunting me - for now.
  • "Hard 14er" (Capitol, Pyramid, Maroon Bells, or Crestone Needle) - At least one of these more difficult 14ers.
  • Mt. Vesuvius: Yes, I am talking about the Italian volcano :)
Granted, this is a lot, but assuming I stay healthy through October, there is a large window for completion. Most appealing to me is the Devils/Jasper/Neva Traverse.

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