Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dec 21 - Jan 3

12/21, Monday - Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2500', 1:17
RMR Green, usual fun stuff.

12/22, Tuesday - Bouldering - 1:30
Ice evasion

12/23, Wednesday - Bouldering - 3:00
I almost crushed a small Chinese child when they shot out of the rec center lobby into the climbing area. Simultaneously, I finished up an overhanging route and my feet swung just above the child's head. Had the timing been even slightly different I easily could have let go and came crashing down. The parent's didn't speak English but I gave them a look with which I tried to convey "for both of us, please keep control your children."

12/24, Thursday - Off
The eve.

12/25, Friday - Off
The day.

12/26, Satuday - Mt Sanitas - 10 miles, 1900', 1:39
In an effort to overcome the Christmas feasting and deal with the effects of such, I chose Sanitas as a fair alternative. Up the south-ridge, down the swoop.

12/27, Sunday - Mt Sanitas - 10 miles, 1700', 1:30
BRC group run in the cold. Well, it was relatively hot in the sun wearing a coat, but the shade was quite chipper. The most fun thing was seeing Ryan Smith have a terrible day and be struggling to stay with the group. He regularly casually crushes us with an iron fist. I wouldn't normally wish this upon someone, but its a wee bit amusing to easily stride out in front of a runner of his internationally competitive caliber.

Week Totals:
26 miles

Recovery and holidays. Good bouldering sessions among the inactivity.

12/28, Monday - 6 x Green Mtn - 26 miles, 14300', 8:12
Rough. Parked at Gregory and met Hillary for a far too quick first lap, I felt like I easily could have broke 40min since everything grade felt runnable. Serendipitously, Dan finished locking up his bike right when we go back down; he joined me for the next two laps which were (min up/min down) 44/20 and 46/23. I realized then that I hadn't been eating enough and I was getting really cold, so I ate probably four or five-hundred calories and bundled up. Of course, that meant I was using all my energy for digestion while ascending, making for quite a terrible time of 56min up. On lap 5 I wasn't feeling particularly better and I had to turn around 100ft below the summit to (narrowly) catch the RMR group run. I would have had no chance of catching up to them, totally beat. While I was by no means fast, it was much easier to latch onto someone and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other rather than being alone in the darkness.
Mega-uncomfortable celebratory 6 summit pic. Haven't been taking many pics lately, since its been too cold to keep an iPhone battery happy.
12/29 - 12/31 - Off
Family in town, recovery and laziness.

1/1, Friday - Bear Pk - 6 miles, 3000', 1:20
Easy up Fern Canyon from NCAR. Went for a quick descent after I had heard of great snow conditions for running downhills. Ended up going from the summit to the mesa trail in a belligerently reckless 10:46 to descend the 2,100ft in 1.2 miles. On the perfect day of coordination and snow-pack it can go under 10min.

1/2, Saturday - Creek Path - 4.5 miles, 0:33
First installment of many flatter faster runs. My energy felt great today, but my legs aren't quite all there yet from 6 laps of Green and yesterday's hard descent. Went to the gym afterwards for some climbing and strength work. Negligible vertical gain.

1/3, Sunday - Fourmile Canyon - 11 miles, 600', 1:16
First workout in a long while. After a couple miles to warm-up, I did 3 by 8 minutes with 2:45 rest. Unfortunately the upper stretches of the creek path were a pitted ice rink, so my effort wasn't quite reflected in the pace for those (the uphill in particular) intervals. The middle interval had me heading up Fourmile Canyon where the plowed road had much nicer traction.

Week Totals:
47 miles

Looking back it was actually a pretty fun and surprisingly productive week. I couldn't feel at all that I had done a marathon with 14k' of climbing nor descended nearly 3k' at about triple my usual speed on Sunday's workout (though I could Saturday). I'll be planning on a higher volume next week heading into my birthday celebration of stupidity. I think I've done enough repeat sessions this month for my legs to have the strength so I'll hope to knock out some Missippi 50 training next week too.

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  1. Dude that 26 miles is insane, that is a ridiculous amount of very in one session.