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January 30 - February 12

Been through a variety of things since last post (failed 100 miler (again), failed attempt on the JMT, overuse injury (not a surprise) and in general, too many big days), I wrote some drafts of posts but never quite felt like writing the whole schpeal up, nor that it was particularly interesting from a reader's perspective. Hopefully, this post gets me back in the swing of things.

Monday 1/30 - 3rd Flatiron, Green Mtn, Bear Pk - 12 miles, 4500', 3:10
Commuted home from Pearl to Table Mesa via a final lap of the 3rd (rapotr closure Feb 1 - Aug 1) until August and a summit of both Green and Bear. Fun point to point.

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Tuesday, 1/31 - 2 x 5km - 13 miles, 400', 1:35
30min warm up including 5min of stretching. The first 5km ended up being downhill with a tailwind so I flew through in 17:58. 8min of rest was enough, but it did nothing to lessen the gradient or headwind on the second 5km. Feeling like I was working way harder I labored to a 19:50 second interval. I should probably be at 18:40's for this workout on flat windless terrain, so the weird times make sense.

Wednesday, 2/1 - 7 miles, 300', 0:56
Easy with Jack around the XC course and back on Cherryvale Rd.

Thursday, 2/2 - South Boulder Creek/Community Ditch/Cherryvale Rd - 13 miles, 800', 1:41
Wanted to do a tempo run today but ice was covering everything so I ended up going a little longer than planned at slightly above normal pace. The last couple miles were on pavement so I was able to push more there. 45min of climbing and 1h15 of yin yoga in the evening.

Friday, 2/3 - Green Mtn - 9 miles, 2900', 1:47
Went up the hill with Kyle and Len. I was completely wrecked from the past few days so I basically just struggled to stay within visual range the whole time. Sweet inversion on top made it all worth it though.

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Saturday, 2/4 - Walker Ranch - 10 miles, 3100', 1:46
Easy jogging around Walker Ranch with Jackson. We really didn't have much of plan besides getting outside in the beautiful weather and not slipping on ice. Good times.

Sunday, 2/5 - Mount Lady Washington - 8 miles, 4000', 6:45
Fun hike with Elliot up a proud satellite peak of Longs. Windy above treeline, but really got pummeled on the top with the increased exposure. Always a pleasure to be around Longs.

Week Totals:
72 miles

Monday - Regency, Royal Arch, 5th, Green Mtn - 8 miles, 3200', 2:11
Wanted to scramble, but didn't quite feel like doing the 1st (hoping to branch out more this year). So I took the central route of scrambling up the East side of the mountain. The 5th ended up having a healthy amount of snow at the base, so that took some extra time and convinced me to forgo the Fist (which usually ends this linkup). From the topout on Green I felt like running quick so I put in a little extra effort descending West Ridge-Long Canyon-Gregory Canyon.

Tuesday - Mt Sanitas - 6 miles, 1900', 1:10
Set out to do a tempo of the South ridge, with a warm up up Sunshine Canyon. I ended up PR'ing (somehow, I felt terrible), but I should be able to go a couple minutes faster. Descended down the valley.

Wednesday - Green Mtn, Bear Pk, SoBo Pk, SoBo Pk, Bear Pk, Bear Pk, Green Mtn - 18 miles, 10,500', 6:16
Wanted to focus on vert and mountains this week so the long run reflected that. Started by headlamp up the Northeast ridge of Green, a descent of Bear Canyon lead me to an expedition up the North ridge of Bear which I will not be doing again, particularly with the presence of snow or wind -- still happy to have investigated it though. Bopped over to SoBo then down and up Shadow Canyon. Returning to Bear I then did a down and up of Fern Canyon. Opted for not tagging SoBo a third time and went straight into the descent of the West ridge to link back up to Green for my seventh summit of the day. Descended down to the 1st/2nd trail and meandered about just a tad to ensure I would get over 10k climbing for the day. Wasn't particularly fast -- okay, given the bushwhacking and horrendous ice in certain locales -- but not particularly slow either. Progress.

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Thursday - 1st Flatiron, 2nd Flatiron, 4th Flatiron, GMP, Challenger, Green Mtn - 7 miles, 4300', 3:03
Didn't push the pace too hard today but the legs felt pretty good considering yesterday. My scrambling form is still lacking so slow splits, (18:30 up the 1st, 14:xx down the 2nd) but that'll come with persistence. A bunch of snow in the hanging garden on the 4th made things interesting there before leaving the worst of the numbered flatiron for the absolute gems alongside it (Green Mountain Pinnacle and Challenger, so good). Finished to Green and descended Ranger-EM Greenman-Saddle Rock for some extra miles and vert.

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2/10, Friday - Give Up - 3 miles, 200', 0:22
Set out to run out on the dirt on the plains but the ridiculous wind putting dirt tornadoes in my eyes and mouth convinced me to turn around almost immediately.

2/11, Saturday - Bear Peak & SoBo Peak - 7 miles, 3400', 1:47
From Cragmoor TH with Jack and Jackson we made good time to the summit of Bear (0:41 for me, followed by Jackson then Jack who is still recovering from a marathon last weekend). Jack, under a time crunch headed back down Fern while Jackson and I tagged South Boulder Peak before ripping the descent of Shadow for the hell of it. Mesa trail back to the TH.

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2/12, Sunday - Creek Path - 12 miles, 400', 1:15
Set out for a moderate 10 miles around town but fell into a nice groove at 6:15 pace. Feeling strong, I went with it and was able to PR for 10 miles (1:04:17). At the 10 mile mark I felt it prudent to ease off of the accelerator a tad for the last mile point five home.

Week Totals:
61 miles

Signed up for Red Hot 33k at 11:30PM Saturday night -- 30 minutes before it closed -- since I knew I was going to be there anyways. Excited to see how that pans out as I feel surprisingly ready and fit for the time of year.

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