Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 20 - February 26

Monday, 2/20 - Hidden Valley - 7 miles, 1300', 1:24
Joggin' around the best cruiser running trail in Moab with Abby. We found an unmarked spur of trail that led us to a ton of petroglyphs that were super cool!

Tuesday, 2/21 - 1st & 2nd Flatirons + Salomon Group Run - 6 miles, 2200', 1:42
Got to Chautauqua early and to scramble the 1st. I decided to downclimb all of Free For All (second time ever). I left the Pullman way to early which burned a ton of time but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. It definitely sounded like someone was yelling "help" but I jogged down the rest of the route and found no one in need of help. Back at the Salmon Run Club afterwards!

Wednesday, 2/22 - Regarchifthist + Green Mtn + 2nd Flatiron - 5 miles, 3100', 2:17
Declaring the linkup of Regency-Royal Arch-5th-Fist to be called "Regarchifthist", its such a good one and is especially convenient for scrambling on windy days (though today was calm) as its very sheltered by the mountain. I descended to the 2nd and downclimbed the plain old Freeway to save time.

Thursday, 2/23 - NCAR Tempo - 13 miles, 1000', 1:38
Warmed up with Abby in a light snow that was melting on contact. We made a loop around the CU-XC course before she headed her own way and I launched into a tempo effort from the tunnel under Broadway at Table Mesa. With 2.5 miles up and down the NCAR road hill it made for a nice 5 mile tempo. The ascent was tough as the snow got heavier and began to accumulate but I manged, trying to run hard going down I unfortunately got a terrible side cramp that made me slow down a ton, but the uphill effort was the important part. Jogged around with a bathroom stop in a CU building for a longer warm down.

Friday, 2/24 - Green Mtn - 7 miles, 3000', 2:00
Easy with Jack for the second tracks up the hill in slick, knee deep powder. Tired legs and slow conditions so we just chatted along at a conversational effort.

Saturday, 2/25 - Poorman Rd - 12 miles, 1700', 1:23
Tempo effort from BRC up Sunshine Canyon down Poorman's Road and back the exact same way. I was hoping for Gold Hill but thought I wouldn't have time -- with the energy I felt I should have just gone for it, 8:30's going up and 5:30's going down should have been plenty fast enough for the full loop. Ah well, good run.

Sunday, 2/26 - 3 x Green Mtn - 13 miles, 7300', 3:51
Good two laps with Kyle then one easy one on my lonesome. Happy my phone held onto 1% battery life for the entire third lap so I wouldn't quite be alone.

Week Totals:
62 miles

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