These are my PR's for actual distances. I don't race much, so most times are just the best that I've garnered off of my GPS data on training runs (denoted with *).

Distance Time
1 Mile 5:01
5k 18:16
10k 42:21 *
Half-Marathon 1:36:07 *
Marathon 3:21:32
50k 4:01:00
50 Mile 6:47:30

I do also keep track of a few times around Boulder on routes that I frequent and find of interest. So if you're not from Boulder or don't know the city and its surroundings, these times will likely mean nothing at all to you.

2nd Flatiron, Freeway, 4th-5.06:33
Chatauqua Trail to 1st Junction6:56
Green Mountain (from Gregory, any route)34:31 up, 14:42 down, 49:15 RT
End of Creek Path from 28th - Up30:36
End of Creek Path from 28th - Down27:28
First Flatiron, Direct East Face, 5.611:03
Settler's Park to the "Red Rock Fins"2:55