Monday, April 18, 2016

April 11 - April 18

4/11, Monday - Off
Tired, sore legs.

4/12, Tuesday - Anemone Ridge & Mt Sanitas - 8 miles, 2200', 1:28
Easy with Hillary. All runnable grades besides the short and steep hike up to Anemone, then Lions Lair and down Dakota Ridge.

4/13, Wednesday - 1st, 2nd, Morning After, Challenger, 5th, Fist, Green - 8 miles, 5100', 3:11
Nice day of scrambling in weather that seemed like summer, shirtless from the start. Kept a steady pace, being sure to maintain a quick uphill running cadence rather than my usual power hiking. The thought of an ant swarm (which happened to a friend last week) made me momentarily back off on the MA roof, but then moved through it just fine. Took the EM connector for a bit of honest uphill running at the end.

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4/14, Thursday - 2 x Walker Ranch - 15 miles, 3,400', 2:15
First lap easy with Hillary and Leonard at sunrise. Leonard's knee was feeling a bit rough so he sat out the 2nd lap which we tempo'd. The opening downhill sprint does a number on your quads then its a mix of rollers, climbs and descents for the next 6 miles. I thought I could sneak in under 1hr but found that to be just out of reach -- finished in 1:01:27.

4/15, Friday - Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2800', 1:26
Initially Hillary and I wanted to do Mt Meeker super early before class but the 3:30AM alarm was met with hostility so we enjoyed some extra sleep and did Green in the evening. Used the middle route to get some bonus vert, but we hiked almost every step in the cool misty weather.

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4/16, Saturday - Sanitas - Poorman - Betasso - Flagstaff Loop - 20 miles, 4000', 3:27
This turned out to be a great loop with a good mix of some steep (Sanitas), road (Fourmile & Sunshine canyons), singletrack (Betasso) and dirt road (Chapman up Flagstaff). Snow was falling at an alarming pace and by the end we were knee deep on top of Flagstaff and elected to wimp out on slogging up Green.

4/17, Sunday - Concrete - 10 miles, 1:06
In order to allow the paths to melt out a bit I waited to run in the afternoon, which also meant I had a whole dining-hall-full amount of food in my stomach. Felt really good the whole time, averaging 6:40's without much effort. One of those days.

Week Totals:
69 miles

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