Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mar 28 - Apr 10

3/28, Monday - AM: Bike - 21 miles, 700', 1:03 || PM: Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2500', 2:02
Easy bike to Neva Rd in the morning then hiked up Green with poles with a few others who didn't feel like running quick to stay easy on the ITB.

3/29, Tuesday - 2 x Mt Sanitas - 5 miles, 2700', 1:22
Lap 1 with poles and my knee felt great so I went without for the next lap and felt good again.

3/30, Wednesday - AM: Flagstaff Rd - 15 miles, 2:01, 2500'
Trails are still wet snow misery so the vert had to come on the road. Tempo run up Super-Flagstaff from Chautauqua with Hillary and Rachel.

3/31, Thursday - 3 x Mt Sanitas - 8 miles, 3900', 2:15 || PM: Bike - 18 miles
Stuck to Sanitas repeats one more day to guarentee non-slogging trails. Knee felt a little tired by the 3rd so I skipped my planned fourth. Tried biking in the evening but I didn't dress warm enough so I turned around early.

4/1, Friday - AM: 1st Flatiron, Green Mtn - 5 miles, 2700', 1:51 || PM: 1st & 2nd Flatirons - 3 miles, 1500', 0:56
Tried the new Salomon rubber on the Speedcross Pro, out on the 1st and was quite pleased at its stickiness. Followed some postholes to the summit. After picking up the rest of my gear in the afternoon I took the Salomon Wings SG out for a scramble in the evening, and was simialrly pleased with their effectiveness on rock. The rubber is definitely as sticky or stickier than the dot-rubber and Sportiva's I had been using previously.

4/2, Saturday - Longs Peak - 10 miles, 5800', 10:45
Whew that's a long day. Hillary was super stoked to get up Longs in the snow but hadn't had a ton of experience on snow so it was pretty slow going after we got up the Loft. The traverse from Keplinger's to the homestretch was extremely soft too, so that didn't help. Somehow missed the turn tot the narrows going down (Keyhole route), so we did a bunch of extra vert looking for the bulls-eyes that were mostly covered with snow. After being able to glissade quite a bit in the trough we had to put crampons back on for Ledges which almost entirely buried under several feet of snow. Even the Boulderfield was pretty fat with snow.
Traversing across Keplingers, which was sort of dry, unlike the slabs above.
A little off route going down the Homestretch to the Narrows.
Running and sliding down the Trough was a highlight of the day and some of the most fun I've ever had on Longs. Looking forward to getting in a glissade of the Loft!
4/3, Sunday - 1st & 2nd Flatirons, Green Mtn - 5 miles, 3000', 2:00
Randomly met Kyle while parking my bike so did the whole thing together. After the 1st we downclimbed half of Freeway before cutting over to Free for All, which I'm calling Free for Some. Hike to Green then descended perfect snow back down. Probably could have had a shot at PR'ing the descent in these conditions.

Week Totals (running):
61 miles

Week Totals (biking):
95 miles

Perfect week back feeling generally over the ITB injury -- Ginna really saved me there! I think a 1/3 biking and 2/3 running approach is great balance to get in higher volume and staying healthy. Then by sprinkling in one higher intensity workout a week I think I have a good plan heading into Quad Rock 50, which is coming up fairly quickly!

4/4, Monday - AM: Bear Pk & Green Mtn - 11 miles, 4000', 2:05 || PM: Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2500', 1:56
Woke up a bit later than planned so I essentially chugged some coffee flew up to the TH on my bike and tempo'ed the whole thing right back to my bike to bomb back home to grab some food and shower before class. Managed a 16:30 descent down Green even with a quick stop to talk with TK who professed to have "zero injuries" today. Standard RMR Green at night, big crew with some new folks so it was a bit slower than usual.

4/5, Tuesday - AM: Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2500', 1:42 || PM: Salomon Group Run - 3 miles, 1500', 1:06
Easy Green with Hillary in the morning, easy again in the evening with the new Salomon Tuesday group run. Snuck away real quick to downclimb the 2nd before rejoining the group.

Climbing around the back of the 2nd to get a picture of the huge group that showed up! Photo: Nicklaus Combs
4/6, Wednesday - Green Mtn - 8 miles, 2800', 1:46
Went for a tempo effort up the moderately graded Bear Canyon. There turned out to still be quite a bit of lingering ice so I couldn't get quite the rhythm I wanted to;  I then slipped on a wet log and fell completely into the creek! After cursing a few times I was back on my feet and at least tried to give it a good effort whenever conditions allowed. Descended a serpentine route down the frontside.

4/7, Thursday - Climbing Boulder Canyon
One 5.9 warm-up then a couple laps on a 5.10b which really tested me.

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4/8, Friday - Bear Pk & Green Mtn - 10 miles, 4100', 2:02
Cruise up Bear Pk at a good clip with Andrew then ran down the West Ridge which is still holding awkward snow patches. He had class earlier so he ran down Bear Canyon while I continued up to the summit of Green. I descended an essentially straight line down the East side of Green to avoid ice and finished only a couple minutes after Andrew drove off.

4/9, Saturday - 1st, 2nd, Morning After, Challenger, Green, SoBo, Bear, Regency, Royal Arch, 5th, Fist, Green - 15 miles, 8000', 5:28
Just felt like binging a bunch of peaks and slabs. I was able to pull through the 5.7 overhang on Morning After without pause, which would be the highlight of the morning. Felt strong until I started running again en route to the Regency after stopping to chat with some friends out cragging on Dinosaur Rock.Heat really got to me on the 2nd ascent of Green, so I was munching on snowballs on the hike from the Fist to Green.

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4/10, Sunday - Sobo, Bear, Green - 21 miles, 8400', 6:05
Starting from Bear Canyon trailhead we did out and backs up Shadow Canyon (to Sobo), Fern Canyon (to Bear) and then up the 1st/2nd trail and down Bear Canyon for Green. Super easy pace all day had me feeling fresh.

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Week Totals:
82 miles

Big week and feeling good. Nice test on the ITB this weekend with longer days and felt tired but never painful at all.

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