Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2nd Flatiron

Just beginning to get back into the groove of constant running, its been fun to add some climbing/scrambling into the routine as well. It adds tons of vertical while keeping speed at a minimum. Yesterday Dre (from my trip on Pawnee Pass) and I took a break from finals studying to go get some trails in. Apparently he hasn't ran since the Pawnee adventure, but he kept up just fine. We originally planned on doing Bear Peak, but decided on climbing the 2nd instead - less time on the trail meant more time studying later. I'm starting to find a good route up the second flatiron that I can really move on. I want to get my time down around 25 minutes, which seems feasible. The climb isn't hard, but I feel like finding the right route is what makes you go fast rather than just climbing fast. Yesterday's time was 38 minutes up, but we went really casually; with my PR at 33 I'll get the time eventually.

Dre about half-way up
Facial expression looking super intelligent
Dre on the moves to the top
 Distance door to door from apartment was 6.5 miles, pace 19:41 (9ish, excluding the time on the rock), and a gain of 1,700 ft

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