Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bear Peak Sunset

I timed my run perfectly this evening and ended up being on the peaks of Bear and South Boulder right as the sun was setting behind the mountains. I felt great on the approach from Shanahan Ridge to Fern Canyon.
Grabbed this before the sun dipped below flatirons' ridge

"The Slab" which I tried climbing at night once (not recommended)
In fact, I felt pretty good the whole time, but I still can't seem to ever get a consistent run to the top. Fern Canyon and the Bear Ridge is ludicrously steep and technical for holding even a jog sometimes. I know it is possible but how much training do you need before you can prance up the 40% grade stone steps covered in tall roots? Honestly I've never seen anyone had a decent run on the way up. Anyways, I'm sure some day I'll see Sage Canaday or Anton Krupicka gliding up with a smile on their face. EDIT: I actually asked Sage on his Instagram if he can run the whole thing and he actually cannot, if he can't I don't know if anyone can (besides maybe Kilian). Regardless, the sunset view were seen whether ran or hiked (but quick hiking!).
Top of South Boulder catching the last rays of the day
Okay now really the last rays
Back on Bear with the sun now out of sight
I actually made it down most of Fern Canyon before darkness hit. I clicked on my light about 100 ft above the mouth of the canyon. Not sure what an actual good time for me is on this route, but at the top I was at 1:30:XX so I decided I would try and make it sub 2 hours. This forced me into a low 6 minute pace final stretch to make it down in a final time of 1:59:09. 6 miles, 3,400 ft of gain, good "run".

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  1. Those are some fantastic photos.