Sunday, February 23, 2014


I ran a small 5k to support the top ranked triathlon team at CU on Sunday, it was the first race I've competed in in almost 3 years! The course was a winding loop around campus and the weather was in the 20's so there were a few patches of ice on the course. There was a pretty broad spectrum of just 50ish competitors, 1st place was a 15:27 (yeah, that's 4:59's) while last was 54 minutes. I finished 10th with a respectable 18:41 (6:00 min/mile). I was crushed by what looked to be a 10 year old who ran a low 17 minute, but luckily I was able to hold off the lead woman at the finish. I "won" my age-group - I use quotes because I was actually 3rd, but I guess they don't include the overall top 3 in age group awards. Maybe this is common, I haven't raced in so long I wouldn't know. I won some shaker bottle for protein/supplement mixes, which I don't typically use or believe in but now feel inclined to try. Marketing right?
Participation gloves, had to have at least one picture...
I didn't really prepare at all for this race specifically, I haven't done speed work since September, and my running has been awkward as of late due to a lingering hip injury. I did a 33 mile mountain bike ride the day before, so I feel really happy about my performance all the things considered. If I can ever dig myself out of this injury hole I'm currently in, I'd love to actually start racing again, its a totally different atmosphere (and a bunch of free stuff if you're successful). I still have the goal of a sub-18 minute 5k (current PR of 18:15) and a sub-5 mile (current PR of 5:00, I know right) among others.I have a hip checkup scheduled for Thursday, hopefully something good comes of it, but until then I've actually been getting into biking a lot more. Anyways, now I am rambling.

Also I won a raffle which gave me $25 to a specialty bike store whose website suggests that their lowest priced item is $1090. Maybe they sell sunscreen or something.


  1. Congrats on the race. I would definately be happy with that outcome. Hilarious about the $25 gc when the lowest price item is $1090.