Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/10 to 11/22 - Winter has Arrived!

11/10, Monday - Off
65 degrees when I woke up, 20-something at lunch.
4 hour time lapse photo from the Engineering Center at CU. Taken from CU Facebook page.
11/11, Tuesday - Green Mt. 8 miles, 2,900', 2:14
The snow came flying in. I was way overdressed so I ended up leaving a trail of layers up Gregory Canyon. Only about 3 or 4 inches today, but without the snowpack base it was pretty slick. Gregory/Greenman up and down.

11/12, Wednesday - Green Mt, 6 miles, 2.900', 2:20
Today there was significantly more snow. I was first tracks, so I had the "privilege" of cutting through knee deep snow all the way up. Much more fun on the descent! Up Saddle/Greenman, down Greenman/Amphitheater.
Feelin' cool. See what I did there?
11/13, Thursday - Off
Study day.

11/14, Friday - Creek Path, 3 miles, 200', 0:25
Fun little run after two back to back tests in microelectronics and electromagnetic fields (stressful!).

11/15, Saturday - Bear Pk, 13 miles, 4,000', 2:47
Up and down Fern from home. Did manage to scoot up Bear from the Fern canyon post in under 30 minutes for the first time. Pleasantly snowing the whole time. I got off of trail just in time as the light went completely flat, definitely took a couple tumbles in the snow! It was more fun than anything though.

Week Totals:
X-Axis: 34 miles
Y-Axis: 12,600 feet
Time: 10:25

....Several days off, school stuff and general laziness...

11/19, Wednesday - Track. 4 miles, 0', 0:30
On the CU indoor track, 1 miles warm-up followed by 160m, 320m, 480m, 640m, 800m, 960m, 1,129m sprints (the track is 1/10th a mile) with a 160m jog between each one. I saw on social media that Timothy Olson is now in Boulder, just another brick in the wall here!

11/20, Thursday - Track, 11 miles, 0', 1:20

I don't know why I decided to do this. 110 laps on the indoor track at the rec center. It was just as dull as you would imagine it.

11/21, Friday - Off
I didn't feel like running today.

11/22, Saturday - Royal Arch + 3 x Freeway, 21 miles, 5,700', 5:05

I originally set out to do a full Marshal Mesa Loop, but it was closed due to "excessive mud". So I ended up doing about 6 miles of road before I got to the South Mesa trailhead. Took the Mesa trail South essentially the whole way before doing the newly renovated Royal Arch trail. Good to see it so well made given the amount of traffic it sees, should last a very long time. Then I proceeded to do three laps on the 2nd. It was mostly dry of the recent snows, aside from the first bit which I mostly just skipped. I though three would put me at 50 life-time ascents of Freeway, alas I needed 5 more. Used one handheld bottle and two gels.

Week Totals

Miles: 36
Vert: 5,700'
Time: 7:05

I still don't really feel like being that dedicated to training right now. I'm mostly only going when I feel like it and school allows. I tried being a little bit more dedicated last week, but the drive sort of petered out. Its nice just going more for fun. With finals coming up soon I'll certainly be taking more than a few days off to allocate time for cramming my brain full of knowledge. Its not December 21 yet, but winter seems to have settled in. The trails have a nice snowpack that makes steep downhills "survival slides". I go week to week on hating it or loving it. Hopefully I'll get my camera/phone figured out soon, then I'll add pictures again; for now ya get text.

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  1. Dude you enjoy first track, that sounds brutally tough.

    110 on the track, that is just insane.

    Funny, I hit some rolling trails the other day and was thinking, "I need to get up to CO and bag me a 14'er with Cordis"...just a random thought while running lol