Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31 - Sept 6

8/31, Monday - Green Mtn + T-Zero - 6 miles, 2700', 1:30
Mondays are always fun, and somehow I felt really good cruising up without much effort despite some residual soreness in my quads from the LPT. Went and ticked a quick scramble of T-Zero going down, finishing the whole thing this time instead of dropping off after the initial handcrack; the final flake move engages a somewhat questionable piece of rock but I found a method to weight it pretty minimally.

9/1, Tuesday - Creek Path - 5 miles, 200', 0:44
Easy cruise with Jack, felt really sleepy the whole time.

9/2, Wednesday - Longs Peak - 11 miles, 5000', 2:35
Got up early to hammer a quick lap before class. The only route really doable as a pre-day-with-responsibilities is up and down Cables. Well, I take that back, just stay away from the Keyhole. I arrived at 6AM and set off with nothing but my shirt, shoes, shorts, hat and an energy gel just in case. I really hammered up through the trees, but while trotting up Jim's Grove I was exposed to a fierce headwind that definitely slowed me down and dampened the initiative I had taken earlier. I forced myself to run/hop through the Boulderfield, but again I think I could have been a smidge faster. I skipped past a party roping up for the North Face, I slapped the summit marker after 1:40:00 (I saw 1:39:59 between the touch and when I got the button though!). Without pause I turned right around and shot down towards Cables, the roped party had only placed one piece of gear in the time since I'd left on the bottom parallel cracks, I took the one he wasn't on and danced down the talus. Heading towards the trees the wind was equally fierce, but now at my back. I enjoyed the lift but had to concentrate heavily on balancing. I pushed as much as I felt safe to with my ankles in the trees and finished at 2:35:02 (0:55:03 descent). I was really hoping for sub-2:30, but apparently, today wasn't that day.

9/3, Thursday - Streets - 4 miles, 0:35
Felt really bad, avg pace was barely sub 9. Just wanted to move around a bit.

9/4-5, Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Nolans 14 Pacing - 43 miles, 15,100', 36:04
This was insane. I'll do a separate post later.

Week Totals:
69 miles

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