Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nov 30 - Dec 6

A few recovery days out, along with one slightly bigger day to bag a bunch of scrambling before the first big snow which would drape the flatirons in snow much of which will stay put for the season.

11/20, Friday - Third Flatiron - 4 miles, 1800', 1:48
Snow was predicted for this evening so Jack and I headed up for an easy scramble. Finding the true base of the 3rd on its south side far damp to gain traction, we skirted around to the standard east bench start and found a drier surface to ascend. Afterwards, we made a quick mounting of Tomato Rock.

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11/22, Sunday - 4th Flatiron, Green Mtn, 2nd Flatiron - 5 miles, 2600', 2:51
The snow that did fall ended up being rather pathetic, so Jack and I set out for the 4th. Jack had never been up the 4th before and he was welcomed with rather treacherous conditions. The first piece was dry enough, but the entrance to the hanging garden on the second piece was guarded by veneer of ice. The third piece was essentially unclimbable, we ended up wallowing up a small trench on the north side filled with powdery snow. We finished up to Green and split for myself to downclimb the 2nd and Jack to take the trail.

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11/25, Wednesday - Achean Pronouncement, Primal Rib, Regency, Royal Arch, Hammerhead, Third Flatiron, Chase the Sun, 2nd Flatiron - 9 miles, 4500', 4:40
Anton had told me a month or so ago that something was wrong with me since I said I didn't like Achean Pronouncement (AP) and Primal Rib (PR). Today I trialed his recommendation of switching the order to AP-PR. The start to AP is a bit tricky for me but the remaining scramble was pleasant. The main difference was the short connecting schwack to PR which made the sharp arete all the more enjoyable. Coming off PR I blindly followed Porch Alley out to the Mesa trail so rather than ascending Satan's Slab and the Fist I resigned to loop around to the main Flatirons rather than retrace my steps. The next scrambles of the Regency, Royal Arch, Hammerhead the temperature began to sharply drop; the final loop of the 3rd, Chase the Sun and a downclimb of the second was very cold.
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11/28, Saturday - Flatiron Loop - 3 miles, 1500', 0:52
I met Kory at Chautauqua and he dragged me up to behind the 1st where I then lead then descent down to the Amphitheater. As is typical when I run with Kory, I'm displeased with focus on speed of ascent and he is displeased with the technicality and trail (or lack thereof) quality I select.

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Recovery had generally gone well, sleep deprivation long compensated for as well as energy. The only ailment I currently had was some tightness in my right knee where the quadriceps connect. I was planning on taking more time easy. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), I don't do well with time off nor following plans.

11/30, Monday - Green Mtn - 8 miles, 3,000', 1:45
RMR Green night and I decided to work harder on the up than my usual Monday effort. Downhills were perfect without spikes in the ice-free packed snow.

12/1, Tuesday - Off
Went bouldering at the rec, but felt like a sack of rocks so I headed home early.

12/2, Wednesday - Green Mtn - 7 miles, 3,600', 2:02
Planning on meeting Jack, Kory and Joe on Green, I opted to start early and bag more vert rather than lag behind the speedsters. Took the 1st/2nd trail up, descended to the Amphitheater, ascended Saddle Rock, descended EM Greenman then finished up Ranger where after one extra down and up repeat they joined me on top. Another fun descent.
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12/3, Thursday - 2 x Green Mtn - 10 miles, 4,800', 2:20
Two laps up and down Saddle Rock. An early start meant I was descending off lap 1 before the sun even rose. Second lap felt too hard.

12/4, Friday - Off

12/5, Saturday - 4 x Bear Pk - 21 miles, 11,100ft, 6:47
Parked at Cragmoor and ran/hiked 4 laps up and down Fern Canyon. I crossed paths with Bill and Mark and then a slew of RMR on the 1st lap. On the second I did the summit ridge with Simon which we hit way too hard for a long effort. The final two laps were a long blur only memorable by getting Ryan Smith's TNF50 update texts. Jack was heading to Bear and tried to convince me to do a 5th, but I was all out of food and quite tired. Definitely not in shape right now.

12/6, Sunday - Climbing
Went sport climbing in Boulder Canyon with Jack. Jack had been telling me about "The Young and the Rackless" for a while now and with him not training for a race, my ankles working and the weather prime, we took advantage of the rare opporunity. My arm strength (which isn't anything to be proud of normally) is terrible right now after betting a bit ambitious on a friendly monthly push-up challenge, so I was frustrated-ly stuck on the first crux, but otherwise made it through alright.
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Week Totals:
45 miles

Slowly getting back to the rhythm of training. Time to move focus from present objectives to those many, many weeks away. I'll likely have a slightly lighter volume until after Christmas with family, finals and so forth; looking forward to get properly back in training mode. The more hard and terrible the winter the more glorious the summer. Hopefully, otherwise I'll be putting myself through a lot of unnecessary misery.


  1. Love all the pics, I really need to get up north and hit some of the fresh snow trails. I don't do well with rest and plans either my friend lol.

    1. I'll trade you, I'd love to be out in the desert on some of those days where the trails are glazed with ice. Snow running (which is ice half the time) looks far more glamorous than the reality of constant falling and expletives. Then again, its worth it for those rare fun days with feet of snow. All in all though, you really can't beat a late July day in the alpine, knee deep in wild-flowers; if there is one plan worth sticking to, its being in CO then!