Friday, September 13, 2013

Flood Run

So after my my 4 14ers and 69 mile week my body had enough and I've been sick since Monday. Just when I was starting to get better, Boulder flooded. So I ended up not being able to run (or do any physical activity besides drag my sick body to class) for 5 days. The monsoon rain stopped this morning and the sun was visible again so I went out to get in a few miles and see the damage. I had been following the events on Twitter quite a bit from home so I knew it was pretty bad but that the water should have receded enough to check things out safely. I stuck mainly to the Creek path.
Creek path underneath 28th (picture above & below)

I read if this amount of percipitation would have fallen in snow form it would be 10ft. Being from Colorado I have no idea how to quantize rain in inches.

If you look at the white car far back, about 5 seconds after I took this it, the ware was about half way to the windows.
Western side of Creek path 28th street underpass
Creek/Folsom, didn't want to take pictures of peoples apartments here, but they were obviously soaked. 
Just below Folsom Field, a lot of the area is like this, not too deep with water and muddy.
And people wondered why I didn't want to play in the flood waters...
Bridge from Sewell Hall to creek path totally washed away
Bike sharing at its prime right below Sewell Hall
Boulder High area, low depth fast flowing waters.
I really couldn't see the path at all in a lot of places, nor tell where it went even after running it 3 or 4 times a week for the past year. Scenery is totally different and will take a long time to clean up this mess.

Boulder High, to the right of the fenced area is BHS's practice fields for lacrosse, soccer, etc. total swampland now.
If you were watching news the first night, this is the tunnel in that first video. This is the tunnel a lot of off-campus students use to get to class. The mosaic tiling was finished Monday or Tuesday, just in time!
Shoes covered in mud, I honestly tried avoiding water/mud but it was impossible.
Water problems are over, but the cleanup of dirt and debris is going to take months. Going to need to find a new go to path since the creek will be impassable for a couple of weeks. Breathing still felt kinda sickly, 4 more days or so and I should be ba
ck to normal.

Distance: 4 miles, Pace: Slow, Vertical: 2ft or something, Fastest mile: 25:30 or something :)

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