Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jan 4 - Jan 10

1/4, Monday - AM: Streets - 4 miles, 0:30 || PM: Green Mtn - 6 miles, 2500', 1:13
Easy run around campus to start the day then met up with RMR for the weekly Green. I felt really good heading up Green which was nice after a workout yesterday.

1/5, Tuesday - Mt Sanitas - 12 miles, 1900', 1:59
Up and down Lion's Lair with Jack and Kory. I knew I would be lagging behind on such runnable terrain so I quietly enjoyed my run as the caboose up the smooth trail. Jack was also feeling off today so after Kory branched off we were able to ease the pace on the way home.

1/6, Wednesday - Longs Peak - 14 miles, 5900', 10:21
I had decided about a month ago that I would "someday" like to summit Longs in winter but had assumed it could (and likely would) be years before that happened. Kendrick mentioned some interest in checking it out on Monday and the weather looked immaculate: no recent snow, no wind and clear skies. After purchasing a pair of crampons (of which I was already overdue to purchase) and borrowing a pair of New Balance WT110 shoes I was ready. It ended up being a technically mellow day, we took the Loft/Clark's Arrow up and down following tracks we heard were already in place. With route finding out of the way we just had to do it. Super slow time, we ran maybe 40 steps and mainly just enjoyed checking off a big goal for both of us.
Layer of clouds flowing over the Indian Peak and Wild Basin
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1/7, Thursday - Mt Sanitas - 10 miles, 1700', 1:31
Met up with the RMR group run up Sanitas. We took the ridge up then down the backside while flurries of snow moved in. Eggnog flavored gelato afterwards was one of the best tastes I have tasted.

1/8, Friday - Green Mtn - 10 miles, 3000', 2:01
Jack and I did an easy ascent of Green by the Amphitheater-Saddle Rock trails. Well, at certain point he wanted to go faster so he ran on ahead while I hiked most everything. With the fresh snow and tired legs I got pretty exhausted from any extended uphill running. On the way down we dropped into a gully just north of the 2nd Flatiron where we found iced over slabs that would drop you off into pillows of powder. So we were sliding on our bums for most of that including the bottom 10 or so feet of the actual 2nd Flatiron. I didn't expect it to be that fun, but I'll be going back there after future fresh snow.

1/9, Saturday - Skyline - 24 miles, 7800', 5:15
Eh. I wanted to the Skyline (Sanitas-Flagstaff-Green-Bear-South Boulder) as an out and back but between starting late, running low on water and overestimating my fitness it didn't get done today. Sanitas felt way too hard, then I forgot to chug water at the Eben G. fountain so I dug way too far into what I was carrying and was practically out by the time I was on Bear. So after tagging South Boulder I shuffled down Shadow Canyon and took the Mesa Trail back into town. I kind-of felt like a weakling for giving in so easily, though; as Eric Lee said "Never gonna finish Nolans with that kind of attitude." Ah well, I'll do better another day (hopefully).
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1/10, Sunday - Campus Loop - 4 miles, 0:28, 200'
Easy loop around campus in the evening. Just something to get my legs moving a bit.

Week Totals:
83 miles

Good week of training punctuated by the trip up Longs. I think I'll be good to go next Saturday for 10 laps of Green, but its going to be a real mental battle more than anything -- I'm quite sure of that. Physically, I think I'm about as prepared as I could realistically hope to be, should be fun.

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  1. Next Sat sounds epic, can't wait to see how it goes. Ton of vert this week, wish I had that potential here in the desert lol.